Healthy Environment

From campus to residence, from hospital to commercial building, from railway to bus, wherever there are people, there is the presence of Envicool. EMPC multi-phase control patented technology, H13 grade HEPA filter, APD disinfection and purification module, break the technical bottleneck of traditional air conditioner, real-time dynamic mathematical model, intelligent comprehensive control of the indoor environment make people's nice persue of healthy air environment easily come true.

application scenarios

The particularity of residential air environment
  • Chemical gas pollution
  • Special weather
  • Air pollution
  • Air Conditioner Disease

Current situation of campus air environment which traditional equipment cannot solve:

  • Harmful gases
  • Microbial contamination
  • Particulate matter pollution
  • CO2
  • Peculiar smell caused by poor air circulation
Public Transport

The particularity of public transportation air environment

  • The public transportation space is relatively closed, the air circulation is not smooth
  • The people are dense and mixed, long-term riding will not only cause chest tightness, nausea and other physical discomfort.
  • Due to the high mobility of people in buses, subways, and cabins, bacteria and viruses will spread around with air circulation, which is easy to cause cross-infection.
Medical Industry

The particularity of air environment in the hospital

  • Cross-infection
  • Microbial contamination
  • High demand for real-time feedback
  • Breeding bacteria
Commercial Building

The particularity of the air environment of commercial buildings

  • Germ growth
  • Cross-infection
  • Decoration pollution
  • People are densely populated, so intelligent and visual air treatment is needed

Envicool Air Environment Control System

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