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Machine Tool Industry

The rapid development of the manufacturing industry has brought more requirements for CNC machine tools and precision machining equipment, such as machining errors and parts quality. When the machine tool runs continuously and rapidly, it will generate a lot of heat and thermal deformation will reduce the machining accuracy of the machine tool. main cause. In addition, the high temperature will change the viscosity of the oil, and the working state of the machine tool is not stable enough; the oil temperature is not suitable for the body temperature. At this time, if the CNC machine tool is to be put into production "gently", the cooling unit needs to cool it down in time.


EIA Series Air Conditioner, EIW Water Cooled Chiller, EIO Series Oil Cooled Chiller

EIA Series Air Conditioner


  • Automatically start when power on
  • Professional condensed water disposal function
  • Modular components, easy to replace
  • Ultra long design life ≥10 years
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Humanized operation interface
  • Dry contact alarm output
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