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Cabinet Energy Storage

The rack-type energy storage system supports user-side energy response scheduling and remote duty operation and maintenance, supports parallel/off-grid operation, and can be widely used in data centers, communication base stations, charging stations, small and medium-sized distributed new energy power generation and other scenarios. Tailored for peak shaving and valley filling, capacity reduction and distribution increase, smooth fluctuation, power quality improvement, emergency power supply and power dispatching operation.


MC Series Air Conditioner, EMW Series Air Cooled Chiller

MC Series Air Conditioner


  • Upper air supply design
  • Professional dehumidification logic
  • Humanized operation interface
  • ≥10 years ultra long design life
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Support temperature and humidity display
  • High protection design

EMW Series Air Cooled Chiller


  • Ultra-wide operating temperature range
  • Frequency conversion control system
  • Heating function as standard
  • Friendly operation interface
  • Precise control of water temperature
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Compact modular design
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