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Edge Computing Application

Edge data centers are smaller facilities located close to the populations they serve that deliver cloud computing resources and cached content to end users.

They typically connect to a larger central data center or multiple data centers for data interconnection.

By processing data and services as close to the end user as possible, edge computing allows enterprises and other organizations to highly reduce the time delay and improve the customer experience obviously.

Government & Enterprise Branch & Public Institution
For local branches of government or enterprises, and other public authorities like schools and hospitals, due to the limited regional computing power demand, the corresponding number of servers is also small. Usually there are not enough budget and building space to set up a professional data center.

High efficiency room cooling unit--CyberMate series;
Integrated micro data center--single rack type XRack S/single row type XRack/dual row type XSpace
Telecom Site
To ensure the communication quality, telecom companies usually deploy small-scale data centers in different areas, where is close to the customer, for data quick storage and processing. In areas with low ambient temperatures, the utilization of natural cold sources for server free cooling can greatly improve air conditioner energy efficiency and significantly reduce operating costs for regional data centers.

Fresh air free cooling unit--FA series(FAU/FADA/FADX)
High efficiency room cooling unit--CyberMate series
Integrated micro data center--single rack type XRack S/single row type XRack/dual row type XSpace
Containerized Mobile Station

For some newly built or upgraded automation factories, the temporary big data processing sites for medical, military and other purposes, they are lack of preplanned data center buildings. These kinds of applications have more demand for the prefabricated or portable data center, which can be deployed onsite quickly, to ensure project be implemented quickly and transferred in time when needed.

Close to hot source row-based cooling unit--XRow series
Containerized data center--XContainer
Indirect evaporative cooling unit(AHU)--XFlex
Direct liquid to chip cooling solution--XGlacier system
Wall Mounted Shelter Cooling with Free Cooling Integrated--SC series
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