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Hyperscale Computing Application
Core data centers are large facilities located in a specific location, owned and operated by the large enterprises themselves or built as colocation data center for multiple enterprises and customers.

This type of data center could host a large number of server racks with full functions and strong scalability.

Core data centers could support hyperscale computing for mass data analysis, processing and storage services.

Standard Data Center
Standard data centers are typically built on conventional buildings that cannot be customized too much due to the limits of building structure, local climate, and initial investment, etc. To improve system energy efficiency, such data centers usually take the design of modular IT room (cold and hot aisle isolation) or close to hot source row-based cooling solution.

High efficiency room cooling unit--CyberMate series
Close to hot source row-based cooling unit--XRow series
Premium Performance Prefabricated Modular Data Center
In order to improve system energy efficiency and lower OPEX, the new generation of large data centers would like to utilize more and more natural sources for free cooling solution. In addition, prefabricated modular designed products are becoming the preferred component of data centers in order to reduce construction costs and shorten project lead time.


According to different cooling mediums, Envicool provides:

Air system direct cooling solution(AHU)--XFlex
Water system indirect cooling solution--XSource & XSpace
Refrigerant system indirect cooling solution--XMint & XRow-heat pipe
High Performance Computing Application
Due to the limits of building area and improving of the server data computing capability, more and more data centers begin to use high power density racks to reduce the footprint of data centers and increase the system capacity. The application of natural cold source free cooling is also the optimal choice for energy saving and power consumption reduction in high power density data centers.

Direct liquid to chip cooling solution--XGlacier system
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