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Langfang Base of North China Unicom

Location: Langfang Economic and Technology Development District, Hebei

What we provide: 228 sets of modular designed chilled water cooled 160kW CRAC

Highlight: Minimizing the overall energy consumption and ensuring the operating reliability for the whole base
Ali-Zhangbei Data Center

Location:  Alibaba Northern Cloud Base, Hebei

What we provide: XStorm direct evaporate high efficiency wind wall cooling technology on the basis of conventional room and compartment air conditioner, and adopted direct fresh air cooling and evaporate cooling technology to make the best of natural cooling source

Highlight: PUE value from the data center is only 1.18
Hexagon Suzhou Ultra-high Precision Test Lab

Location:  Hexagon, Suzhou(the most advanced and strongest CMM manufacturer in China)

What we provide: 20kW CyberMate-Lab series CRAC

Highlight: Perfectly achieved the high-precision environment control requirements in laboratories. The measured temperature range is 20℃ ±0.1℃, and relative humidity range is 50%±3%RH.

CNOOC Data Center

Location:  CNOOC

What we provide: Envicool CyberMate, XRow Series air conditioner,  iFreecooling natural cooling air conditioner, modular data center.

Highlight: Continuously optimized its product portfolio to escort CNOOC and help CNOOC achieve "Second Leap" in each business segment
China Telecom Nanjing Hanzhongmen Data Center

Location:  China Telecom Nanjing Branch

What we provide: 20 sets of XSpace modular data center, configured with 80 sets of water cooled DX type row-based air conditioners.

Highlight: Not only simplified the installation, but also overcame the high drop and limited space difficulties. The outdoor cooling tower and water cooled air conditioner solution ensure the uninterrupted operation for the cooling system all over the year.
Guantinghu New Media Big Data Base

Location: Guantinghu New Media Big Data Base

What we provide: nearly 400 sets of XFlex indirect evaporative cooling units, with cooling capacity of 220kW per unit

Highlight: Utilize natural source for cooling over 85% of the year. The annual operation cost can be saved over 60% and the annual WUE is less than 0.5.
Alibaba Shenzhen ST3 Park

Location:  Alibaba Shenzhen ST3 Park

What we provide: XContainer, ALL IN ONE design with all server racks, power distribution, cooling, monitoring, fire protection, lighting, and other subsystems are built in one container

Highlight: Ensure factory prefabrication and site rapid assembly deployment, greatly shorten new projects deployment period.
China Mobile Henan Branch Data Center

Location: China Mobile Henan Branch

What we provide: Large quantities of Envicool 5kW/7kW heat pipe door-type XRow

Highlight: Prevent water entering the IT rooms to ensure system's safety and reliability. The cooling performance value CLF of the heat pipe XRow is only 0.018, which greatly reduces the data center's total power consumption.
Reconstruction of Zhaowei site of China Telecom Beijing Branch

Location: China Telecom Beijing Branch

What we provide: Upgrading the system for onsite 9 IT rooms, including new installation of 21 sets of CyberMate-V series inverter type CRAC, and replacement of 63 sets of outdoor condenser in various brands

Highlight: The new centralized condensers saved more than 60% of installation space and reduced 5dB(A) noise compared to previous units. The configured spray system also increased the energy efficiency by 10%. All units are upgraded 1 by 1 with optimized sequence, which took no interruption to the working of IT servers.
Tencent Modular Data Center

Location: Tencent MDC Bases in China

What we provide: XSpace, more than 9,000 sets of row based CW units alone

Highlight: Dual power supply & multiple power distribution methods fully ensure the reliability and flexibility of the whole system; close to heat source cooling design eliminates hot spots in the IT room, and realizes precise temperature control of hot and cold aisles; the design of high return air and high water temperature significantly saves system energy consumption and reduces data center PUE.
Baidu Cloud Computing (Dingxing) Data Center

Location: Baidu Cloud Computing, Hebei

What we provide: XMint solution(High Efficiency Evaporative Cooling Multi-Split System)

Highlight: The data center PUE is reduced to less than 1.2
Around the capital · Sangyuan Cloud and Cunrui Cloud Computing Industry Bases

Location: Around the capital · Sangyuan Cloud and Cunrui Cloud Computing Industry, Hebei

What we provide: Nearly 300 XFlex indirect evaporative cooling units for the base, with a single unit cooling capacity of 220kW

Highlight: The cooling system ultilized natural cooling for more than 85% of the year, and saved more than 60% of the annual operating cost. Annual WUE is less than 0.5.
Shenzhen Shenyu Data Center

Location: Shenyu Data Center, Shenzhen

What we provide: 300kW XSource system(Evaporative Cooling Integrated Cold Station)

Highlight: Making full use of the natural cooling source and saves nearly 20% power consumption compared to traditional water cooled cooling system. The integrated cold station design also reduces the installation work by 30% and future maintenance work by 40%.  After operating validation for a whole year, the annual energy efficiency CLF of the cooling system is as low as 0.15.
Tencent Qingyuan liquid cooling MINI-TB data center

Location: Tencent, Qingyuan, Guangdong

What we provide: Combination of indirect evaporative cooling + liquid cooling

Highlight: The whole system achieves extreme energy saving through indirect evaporative cooling and liquid cooling, and CLF can be lower than 0.15. 
Scientific Research Data Center Room-Chinese Academy of Sciences
Location: Scientific Research Data Center Room-Chinese Academy of Sciences

What we provide: Envicool smart micro-module with modular UPS, high power density battery guarantee backup time, SMS, WeChat, PC alarm management function; refrigerant pump with double circulation, centralized condenser

Highlight: Energy efficient, intelligent and reliable scientific research computing cluster
MCS Fuzhou Cloud Center
Location: MCS Fuzhou Cloud Center, a key data center project introduced by Fuzhou Software Park, also the first large-scale and intelligent campus edge data center in Fuzhou.

What we provide: Micro-module system, HVAC system, DCIM system, fresh air system and power distribution system. It adopts closed hot and cold aisles, room-level and cabinet-level cooling, and comprehensive data monitoring of power supply and HVAC systems.

Highlight: Energy saving and emission reduction, intelligent control, easy maintenance, safe and reliable.
Kunming Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Location: Kunming Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

What we provide: From decoration, integrated wiring, HVAC and power distribution systems, to fire protection deployment, to the final information backup of the old computer room.

Highlight: The HVAC uses a natural cooling system to reduce energy consumption, and the computer room uses an overall micro-module to shorten the on-site construction cycle.
Liuzhou People's Hospital
Location: Liuzhou People's Hospital, China

What we provide: A full set of overall infrastructure solutions, including smart micro-modules, UPS, storage batteries, monitoring systems, intelligent power distribution cabinets, inrow air-conditioner, etc. The characteristics of high intelligence and high reliability are highlighted in the micro module system. Including intelligent operation and maintenance warning lights, door lintel display system, face recognition system, automatic welcome lights, automatic reset of fire skylights, and IoT collection devices with underlying computing functions

Highlight: Creating an automated, modern, and intelligent information medical platform.
Tencent Qingyuan Liquid Cooling MINI-TB Data Center

Location: MINI-TB data center, Qingyuan

What we provide: Indirect evaporative cooling and liquid cooling. The containerized data center includes 6 sets of 20kW high-density server racks, of which 35% heat load is cooled by 42kW indirect evaporative cooling and the rest heat load is cooled by liquid cooling system. The liquid cooling system is equipped with 1+1 CDU and 3+1 dry coolers. The liquid pipeline system also follows loop design for water supply backup

Highlight: Extreme energy saving through indirect evaporative cooling and liquid cooling, and CLF can be lower than 0.15.
Middle School in Anhui


Air environment unit integrates air inspection, room temperature control, indoor fresh air, purification, and disinfection functions. Several major problems can be solved in one machine.

Reading Room of Tsinghua University


Air environment unit integrates air inspection, room temperature control, indoor fresh air, purification, and disinfection functions. Several major problems can be solved in one machine.

Primary School in Shenzhen


1. Ceiling mounted air environment unit-fresh air volume: 1000m3/h; sterilization rate is 99%, influenza virus killing rate is 99.76%.
2.Mobile Disinfection Purifier-circulating air volume: 1200m3/h; influenza virus killing rate 99.76%; sterilization rate 99%; High-efficiency HEPA filter, PM2.5, PM0.3 purification efficiency 99.99%.

Classroom in Shenzhen


Air environment unit integrates air inspection, room temperature control, indoor fresh air, purification, and disinfection functions. Several major problems can be solved in one machine.

Sichuan University


Air environment unit integrates air inspection, room temperature control, indoor fresh air, purification, and disinfection functions. Several major problems can be solved in one machine.

Shenzhen Kindergarten


Air environment unit integrates air inspection, room temperature control, indoor fresh air, purification, and disinfection functions. Several major problems can be solved in one machine.

Shenzhen Public Listed Enterprise


Distributed air environment unit integrates temperature control, indoor fresh air, disinfection, purification, and air detection in one. The large fresh air volume design can provide sufficient oxygen, discharge formaldehyde, TVOC, CO2, etc., and maintain good ventilation; efficient sterilization, powerful purification, can provide clean air indoors, and reduce the incidence of cross-infection.

Sichuan Folk Music School


Air environment unit integrates air inspection, room temperature control, indoor fresh air, purification, and disinfection functions. Several major problems can be solved in one machine.

Shenzhen High School


Air environment unit integrates air inspection, room temperature control, indoor fresh air, purification, and disinfection functions. Several major problems can be solved in one machine.

Shenzhen Party School


1. Ceiling mounted air environment unit-fresh air volume: 1000m3/h; sterilization rate is 99%, influenza virus killing rate is 99.76%.
2. Room air environment unit-Air environment unit integrates air inspection, room temperature control, indoor fresh air, purification, and disinfection functions. Several major problems can be solved in one machine.

Campus Micro-class Studio in Hubei Three Gorges University


Air environment unit integrates air inspection, room temperature control, indoor fresh air, purification, and disinfection functions. Several major problems can be solved in one machine.

Multi-function Room of Anhui Middle School


Air environment unit integrates air inspection, room temperature control, indoor fresh air, purification, and disinfection functions. Several major problems can be solved in one machine.

China Huaneng UK Minety Battery Storage Project

Location: near Mendy Town, Wiltshire, England

Capacity: 99.8MWH

Highlight: As the largest BESS project in Europe, it provided emergency support power in the event of an accident on the main grid after completion, effectively improving the security level of the power grid in the southwest of the UK, providing support for the reform of the UK’s energy structure, and also for the world's joint response to climate change with a strong reference. Our ESS cooling provides a strong guarantee for the smooth operation of the battery system of this project.

Jiangsu Grid-side electrochemical ESS

Location: Kunshan, Jiangsu, China

Capacity: 110.88MWH

Highlight: At present, it is the grid-side electrochemical energy storage power station with the largest single capacity in the world. The overall design technology of the power station is leading, the equipment has high technology content, and the performance is excellent. A number of high-end technologies fill the gaps on the domestic grid side. This project all adopts our ESS cooling.

Lithium Energy Storage Project of Future Science and Technology City

Location: Yuhang, Hangzhou, China

Capacity: 4MWH

Highlight: As a new generation of power grid equipment, Xiba mobile energy storage power station is like a super-capacity "charger", charging as a load when power is low, and discharging as a power source when power is peak. At the same time, its function of large-scale storage and release of electricity can realize the flexible adjustment and precise control of electricity supply and demand, which plays an important role in building a "three types and two networks" and building a "smart city". Our ESS cooling provides a strong guarantee for the smooth operation of the battery system of this project.

Agriculture and Light Complementary Project of Three Gorges New Energy

Location: Taierzhuang, Zaozhuang City, Shandong, China

Capacity: 50MWH

Highlight: The project adopts a comprehensive development model combining "agricultural light" and "fishing light" complementarity, making full use of photovoltaic panels to raise the free area under the bracket, planting crops or fisheries, and realizing the intensive and three-dimensional comprehensive utilization of solar energy and land. , Maximize the use of space resources and form a construction model of “power generation above, breeding below, scientific development, and comprehensive utilization”. While achieving green, high-yield, and high-efficiency, the clean energy of solar energy can be fully developed and utilized, which is conducive to the promotion of modern agriculture and new energy industries are developing simultaneously. Our ESS cooling provides a strong guarantee for the smooth operation of the battery system of this project.

Shenzhen Xincaiyuan Kindergarten


Air environment unit and air deodorizer, protecting children's breathing health from temperature control, fresh air, disinfection, purification, testing, humidity control, and deodorization, realizing the healthy air from a single scene to a full scene and upgrading the environmental solutions.

Xiaopeng Super Charging Station


Envicool temperature control equipment for super charging pile adopts frequency conversion and hybrid refrigeration technology to make the equipment run more stably, make the charging time shorter, and make the charging station more "Super".

Shenzhen, Dalian Bus Group


Small-sized and large-capacity rapid cooling air conditioners for micro-circulation buses;

Stepless frequency conversion control realizes intelligent cooling capacity self-adaptation, real-time high efficiency and energy saving;
-25℃ ultra-low temperature heat pump cooling technology, effectively reducing heating energy consumption in winter;
Independent research and development of electric air conditioning integrated control system, perfect solution to EMC problems;
The air conditioner can integrate battery water cooling to improve battery safety and stability;
Plasma air purifier can be integrated to improve the air quality in the cabin.
Bulk Application in New energy, hydrogen fuel refrigerated vehicles
In response to the national call, with the goal of carbon neutralization, Envicool continues to research and promote pure electric cooling units, the products are equipped with pure electric and hydrogen energy refrigerated trucks in batches. The unit adopts full DC stepless frequency conversion control technology, and intelligent cooling capacity is adaptive. Equipped with high-efficiency variable frequency drive module and DC-DC power module, it has fast cooling, low power consumption, stable temperature control and high precision.
HMS E-sports Cultural Center


Full series of EBC air environment unit meet the air environment needs in different scenarios such as competition halls, gyms, offices, restaurants, etc. from multiple dimensions such as temperature, humidity, oxygen content, freshness, and cleanliness.

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