Bulk Application in New energy, hydrogen fuel refrigerated vehicles
In response to the national call, with the goal of carbon neutralization, Envicool continues to research and promote pure electric cooling units, the products are equipped with pure electric and hydrogen energy refrigerated trucks in batches. The unit adopts full DC stepless frequency conversion control technology, and intelligent cooling capacity is adaptive. Equipped with high-efficiency variable frequency drive module and DC-DC power module, it has fast cooling, low power consumption, stable temperature control and high precision.
Shenzhen, Dalian Bus Group


Small-sized and large-capacity rapid cooling air conditioners for micro-circulation buses;

Stepless frequency conversion control realizes intelligent cooling capacity self-adaptation, real-time high efficiency and energy saving;
-25℃ ultra-low temperature heat pump cooling technology, effectively reducing heating energy consumption in winter;
Independent research and development of electric air conditioning integrated control system, perfect solution to EMC problems;
The air conditioner can integrate battery water cooling to improve battery safety and stability;
Plasma air purifier can be integrated to improve the air quality in the cabin.
Xiaopeng Super Charging Station


Envicool temperature control equipment for super charging pile adopts frequency conversion and hybrid refrigeration technology to make the equipment run more stably, make the charging time shorter, and make the charging station more "Super".

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