Since Dec. 2019, Covid-19 has spread very quickly in China and rest of the world. People are suffering from Covid-19. It terribly harms people's health, especially young generations. China Government is trying every way to control the virus and provide clean air for various places, including but not limited to hospital, school, office, dorm room, canteen, library, etc.

According to Prof. Cao Bin, expert from the China Academy of Sciences, the three ways to prevent Covid-19 spreading are droplet spread, aerosol spread and contact spread. Therefore, washing hands & ventilating frequently, avoiding crowded places, air disinfection and purification are the most useful ways to keep healthy.

Therefore, EBC Yingbaochun, a subsidiary of Envicool, has launched air environment unit, disinfection purifier and fresh air disinfection unit to help prevent epidemics.

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