The industrial automation control equipment market occupies a large share in the world. Traditional industrial technology transformation, factory automation, and enterprise informatization require a large number of industrial automation systems. With a huge and diversified market demand, the future industrial automation rate has a very broad space for improvement.
From a global perspective, the manufacturing industry of industrial automatic control system devices is an emerging direction benefiting from future development. The industrial automation control system has obvious effects of improving efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption, saving labor costs, and promoting industrial upgrading, and has great potential for future development.

From a domestic point of view, the industrial automation control system industry is strongly supported by national regulations and policies, and has a huge and diversified market demand. In the future, the industrial automation rate has a very broad space for improvement. As an advanced industry that promotes the deep integration of informatization, intelligence and industrialization, the industrial automation industry is an industry that is supported and encouraged by Chinese industrial policy.

At the same time, new energy equipment, environmental monitoring, water treatment projects, and environmental management of large-scale engineering projects all require the support of industrial automation control system technology, which brings a broad space for the future development of the industry.

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