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Envicool won two awards in the Data Center and Telecom industry for high efficie

03-28, 2013

Recently, it has been learned that Shenzhen Envicool Technology Co., Ltd., an expert in the field of computer room and equipment environmental control technology, has won two industry awards for its world-leading cooling system for core technology, control technology, and structural design technology. Among them, Envicool modular Data Center and natural cooling solutions of XRow row based cooling in the data center won the "2012 Excellent Solution Award" from "Computer World"; Envicool iFreecooling adaptive multi-connected (dual-cycle) high-efficient cooling system won "Communication World" in 2012 The Energy Conservation Guardian Award of the Telecom Industry" demonstrates Envicool's strong strength and industry recognition in the field of computer room cooling.

Envicool modular data center XRow high efficient row-based cooling and natural cooling solutions highlight the overall technical advantages of the integration of refrigeration and energy saving. The products use a number of advanced technologies that have leading advantages in the industry and are used in practical applications. It has played a super comprehensive performance, and has brought excellent application value to customers in terms of high reliability, high energy saving, high maintainability, and high scalability. This solution has been adopted by data centers such as Sinopec (600028) Petroleum Geophysical Technology Research Institute High Thermal Density Data Center, Sichuan Finance Bureau Data Center, Inner Mongolia Mobile Data Center, Chongqing Unicom Container Data Center and other data centers to help users solve high thermal density. The cooling problem has also achieved a low PUE value of the data center, which has been unanimously recognized and praised by customers.

Envicool iFreecooling adaptive multi-cycle (dual-cycle) cooling system, through the refrigerant pump adaptive multi-cycle, using the phase change of the refrigerant, making full use of natural cold sources in the low temperature season, according to outdoor temperature conditions and indoor heat load conditions Automatically determine whether to start or stop the compressor operation of the air-conditioning system and the operation of the outdoor condenser. Through the phase change of the refrigerant in the iFreecooling system, efficient natural cooling is realized. When iFreecooling is started, it can reduce the energy consumption of the compressor by about 96% and the energy consumption of the condenser by more than 25%, and the energy saving rate of the whole machine exceeds 70%. For CyberMate (double-cycle) energy-efficient air conditioners integrated with iFreecooling technology, high-efficiency and high-reliability components such as high-efficiency scroll compressors, EC fans, electronic expansion valves, and high-efficiency refrigerant pumps are integrated to fully realize high reliability and high energy saving. The solutions and products have been widely used in many customers such as Liaoning Unicom, Jilin Mobile, Heilongjiang Unicom, China Telecom, etc., achieving an annual energy saving of more than 30% in the air-conditioning system and more than 10% in the computer room. Since the energy consumption of the air-conditioning system accounts for most of the energy consumption of the data center, the system is of great value to the construction of green computer rooms in the communications industry.

As a national hi-tech enterprise focusing on computer room and equipment environmental control technology, Shenzhen Envicool Technology Co., Ltd. has formed two major computer room cooling and energy saving business systems, solutions and products, after years of accumulation, data center and data access site, it has been widely used in China and overseas markets. This time, Envicool won two awards in the data center and telecom industry, showing that the industry has highly recognized its rich technology accumulation and service capabilities, and has enhanced its brand influence.

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