Envicool introduction

Envicool is a public listed company focusing on equipment climate control and healthy environment control.
The team masters the world class cooling technology, precise control technology, mechanical design technology and has obtained series patents around temperature control. After years of accumulation, it has formed a climate control & energy saving system for Data Center and Access stations.
The solutions and products are widely used in China and overseas market.
  • 2005

    Established in

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    R&D/Manufacturing Base

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    Worldwide Application Quantity

  • Culture

  • Professional

    Leading Professional Product Service

  • Value

    Value Creation is Envicool's Foundation

  • Trust

    Being Customers' long-term Partner

  • Social Responsibility & Management

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    Anti-bribery, anti-corruption, integrity and integrity
    Envicool advocates compliance with the highest standards of integrity and legal and ethical requirements in all business interactions and daily work, and prohibits any form of bribery, embezzlement, extortion, and embezzlement of public funds, etc.
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    Conflict minerals
    Envicool has formulated the "Conflict-Free Minerals Management Measures", and regularly conducts conflict-free mineral surveys on suppliers, and at the same time signs the "Non-Use Conflict Minerals Commitment" with the suppliers.
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    Environmental protection
    Envicool strictly abides by environmental laws and regulations, promotes resource reuse, and formulates water, electricity, and paper conservation plans every year to improve employees' environmental awareness.
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    Business ethics
    Envicool advocates legal & honest operation and strictly abides by the code of professional ethics and competes fairly with peers. All commercial transactions are conducted transparently, no improper ways are used to participate in commercial activities.
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    Prohibition of child labor, underage labor and remedial measures
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    Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
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    Safe and healthy working environment
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    Respect the freedom of workers
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    Disciplinary behavior
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    Working hours
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    Supplier Management
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    Information disclosure
    Anti-bribery, anti-corruption, integrity and integrity
    Conflict minerals
    Environmental protection
    Business ethics
    Prohibition of child labor, underage labor and remedial measures
    Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
    Safe and healthy working environment
    Respect the freedom of workers
    Disciplinary behavior
    Working hours
    Supplier Management
    Information disclosure

    Certifications & Awards

    As a member of CCSA and CRA, Envicool takes an active part in the revision of relevant industry standards. More and more products are CE & UL certified to meet the requirements in different countries.

    Affiliated Companies

    Suzhou Envicool Environmental Control Technology Co.,Ltd

    Add.: No.501, Wusongjiang Industrial Park, Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, China

    01 / 05
    Shanghai Cool-Air Transport Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Add.:No.15, Lane 1258, Kangqiao East Road, Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China

    01 / 05
    Beijing Feifan Hongsheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Add.: 369, No9-17, Zhongli, East Street, Yongdingmen, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

    01 / 05
    Shenzhen Envicool Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    Add.: B, 4th Floor, Building 9, Hongxin Industrial Park, No. 1303 Guanguang Road, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

    01 / 05
    Envicool Technology (Hongkong) Limited

    Add.: Units 3306-12, 33/F., Shui On Centre, Nos. 6-8 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, China

    01 / 05
    Hebei Envicool Technology Co., Ltd.

    Add.: No. 3, North Section of Jingsan Road, Emerging Industry Demonstration Zone, Donghuayuan Town, Huailai County, Hebei, China

    01 / 05
    Guangdong Envicool Technology Co., Ltd.

    Add.: Building D,Yingteli High-tech Industrial Park, NO 1 Gaoping Avenue West, Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

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